The story began when two sisters joined each other in the iconic Rocks in Sydney, Australia, to continue a journey they’d started together many moons ago, as children. 

Shab & Shadi is an Australian Designer fashion boutique  which represents the passion two sisters share for all things beautiful. 

Living in Sydney most of our lives, The Rocks has such a special place in our hearts and is a place where we feel a true emotional connection.

 We want Shab & Shadi to be a reflection of the lives we lead, the styles we love and the passion we have for beautiful fashion and accessories.

We strive for S&S to be a collection of everything we love to own ourselves, hand selected from Australia and uniquely sourced from all around the world.  

When you walk into S&S, you walk into our home.



Shab & Shadi Owners  

S&S is open 7 days a week
11am - 6pm
Ph: 02 9247 9130